i went in to the corona store to exchange a christmas gift someone bought for me at this z-gallerie and was treated very rudely as if i had stolen the item and was tring to get money for it i had the reciept and just wanted to exchange it for something more my style which probably would have cost alot more anyway and was told it was a sale item and i could not very coldly and rudely so i called customer service with my cell thinking the *** at the counter would be told to allow me a credit for that ammount towards my purchase wel i guess i thought i was in nordstrom where i normaly shop and sooon found i was in no such a place not even close th there caliber of customer satisfaction. i then called thier corporate office thinking someone related to this store had to have been properly trained on customer satisfaction onlt to be told again no, sorry you cannot have store credit.

well i have told this rediculous story to my other friends who USED to shop there needless to say we wont anymore.

the only reason im telling you this online is so no one else ever gets a gift for someone from z-gallerie and creates unhappiness for another person. they should at the very least teach thier counter help ettiquet.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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