I recently worked for Z Gallerie. The demands of this company are totally unreasonable.

Yes, there are standards but nobody adheres to them. Then at the 11th hour they hold you to them. Double standards on how they treat customers, don't get me started. I witnessed how the DM treated a customer on my interview and I thought it was harsh.

He told me we had a lot of bitchy customers and didn't need to take it. But, when I handled a customer complaint in a similar manner I was written up. Guess what? I walked out at that moment.

Do yourself a favor and do not work for this company unless you enjoy unloading an 18 wheeler at 5 am and work without a break (despite the company policy that you must take a break) Double standards run by 3 spoiled brats from California that need a CEO with a brain to hire qualified DM's and store managers that can train their employees and give them a fair chance.

They also have horrible customer service, cheap Chinese merchandise that arrives broken, and contribute to waste in cardboard and styrofoam beyond belief. This company is *** up and should be shut down.

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