The dishes I bought were defective. After only eight months they glaze is crackling and staining.

I tried to return them to the local store in Birmingham, AL. I was told I would have to call customer service, so I did. When I contacted them, I asked do you not stand behind your products you sell. I was told, that is what I am telling you. You have to deal with the store. So I returned to the store.

Both the store manager and customer service were very rude.I was given a store credit, but there is not anything there I want to spent about $300 on at this time. Of course I still need dishes.I was told by the manager his store would lose money.

I was still unable to get my money back. I realize I had the dishes for eight months. but dishes should last more than eight months.

I m truly disappointed the policy of Z Gallerie. I will no longer be doing business with them.

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